First Bangladeshi Social Communication App

tailored for the 135M internet enabled Bangladeshis all over the world helping them to connect and communicate easily.

Market Size

125M (+19%) BD internet Subscribers + 10M diaspora. $323M (+15.2%) Digital Ad spending on 2021.

Bangladesh has 45 Million Social Media users with 25% (+9M) Growth in 2020.

The IMO app is a perfect example of the right value being offered resulting in strong market dominance with 200 million users despite many competitors having similar features.


5M+ Messages exchanged

150K+ audio and video Calls

700+ Official accounts

150K USD Sales for Partners

500K+ Posts

11500+ Communities

740 M phone numbers data

500K Traffic to Partner sites

Growth Projection

Growth Curve


5M+ Messages exchanged


Partnerships & revenue.

Product Market fit.

2024 & 2025

Scale, personalize offerings, iterate .

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