Bangladesh is missing a Bangladesh centric app for social communication

Our solution aims to fill the requirement of a native app to serve 135M internet enabled Bangladeshis world wide

There are problems with existing apps

Disconnected from local culture.

One-size-fits-all products fails to address customization needs.

Not geared towards expanding one's network or making new friends.

Many scams, multiple privacy issues and very limited accountability when social issues arise.

Our solution offers a scalable social communication app tailored to local culture with localized features and greater accountability. Kotha fulfills people’s desire to connect to new people, influencers, celebrities, communities and local businesses.

How we are doing it differently


Phone number keeps fake accounts limited.

Easy Connection

Follow and chat - that easy. Based on Age group, location, gender, interest, community.


Bangla typing, Bangla interface, Bangla stickers. Customizable as needed.


Reliable local contents and services.

Verified Official Accounts

Approval with NID verification (celebrity and influencers).

Score & Rating

Badges and social points for engagement.

On the roadmap

Voice Clubs and Rooms

Voice chat rooms like clubhouse for interactions

Differentiating Marketplace

Automated instant payment to seller (C2B + B2C).

Innovative Advertisement

Only what user chooses. Limited data collection.

Online to Offline Activities

Offline meetups, personal events scheduled online.